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Information Sessions:

June 9th @ 7pm

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theatre on the edge


June 28th to August 6th

Creating the theatre of tomorrow

Theatre on the Edge

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About 2x4 BASH 

Bash (Verb)

1  : A festival, or social gathering

2  : To try or attempt something

In today’s theatrical landscape you need to be a hyphenate artist. Meaning, you need to know how to generate your own material, produce and market your own work and collaboratively work with others. With 2x4, you'll deepen your craft and learn how to sell it. 


2x4BASH is a rigorous training experience aimed to nurture the next generation of artists, aged 18-25, with the professional skills needed for a career in theatre and film; skills that can also be transferrable to a myriad of other disciplines.

2x4 Bash is a program of The Western Stage.

Learn about our 2021 Bash

Citizen Artistry

International Approaches

Genre-Bending Provocative Work


About the 2021 BASH

What will i do?


-challenge traditional approaches to making art by utilizing interdisciplinary and international approaches to theatre-making 


-interrogate what it means to create art, today, in our fractured world and strength your own individual voice to create change


-collaborate with playwright Peter Gray on his new play before it hits NY


-devise a new piece site-specific work with your cohort


-take masterclasses with Broadway and international artists

What skills will i learn?


-Text Analysis
-On-Camera Acting
-Audition Technique
-Voice and Speech
-Devised and Collaborative Approaches
-Physical Theatre
-Site-specific Theatre
-New Play Development 
-Branding and marketing your work

What if I'm not a performer?

No problem! We have offerings for you.

For Directors:

You will  learn the fundamentals of directing and have the opportunity to assist and develop work.

For Designers (Set, Costume, Light,  Sound):

You will learn the fundamentals of design and have the opportunity to design projects.

For Composers: 

You will learn how to use music to focus, support and drive a narrative

For Stage Managers:

You will have the opportunity to learn how to SM a production and 

June 21st to August 6th

SOME Images from past 2x4 shows

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