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These are the shows we will be working on this summer

Don’t let anyone rent a space in your he


A New Play by Peter Gray

A contemporary reimagining of Sophocles' Antigone.

Gone and her circle of friends have a pact: the summer after they graduate high school, they’re hitting the road for a cross country stargazing adventure, culminating in an epic music festival and one last hurrah before adulthood. But they’re blindsided when a shooting in their school leaves one of their own dead-- shockingly, the instigating shooter. Reeling from the shock and loss, the remaining friends don’t even have time to process their grief before they’re forced on quarantine at home due to a deadly virus. At last, Gone decides her motley crew isn’t going to be kept down by any setbacks. They’ll hit the road for a socially distanced adventure, gaze at all the stars they’d planned, pilgrimage to the site of a non-existent music festival, and fulfill their original promise by bringing along the ashes of their deceased friend to lay to rest. What could possibly go wrong? 


The 2021 Cohort will devise a new site-specific work. 

More to come!

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