How to Choose the Best Hosting Services

If you are planning to build a business on the internet you will need to make a website and for that you have to find a web host. A web host is a company that will keep your information on their servers and make your website accessible to the ‘World Wide Web’ or the internet in other words. There are many web hosting companies in the market that offer various web hosting services such as shared, dedicated and virtual server packages so it is up to you to decide what kind of service will suit your needs.

Choose carefully considering future developments

Even if you are only starting up your online business it is very important to consider how much it will grow in the future. If you purchase a shared hosting package that means you will have to share a hosting server with many other users, sometimes thousands. That might be ok now when your business is smaller, but once it starts growing you will probably need some more space and then you will need to migrate your website to a dedicated server. Or if you are developing a multimedia website you will need a higher bandwidth to be able to serve all your customers and if you are on a shared server your website will slow down considerably.

I have seen many job advertisements posted by people who need to move all their websites from a shared server to a dedicated web host. That is a huge job to do and takes a lot of investment. So making a wise decision now regarding the type of web hosting service you choose might save you from a lot of extra expenses and headache.

What web hosting is all about

So if you are looking for a web host for your site it is all about the space on that server. Just like in the real life space is everything. It all comes down to sharing or not sharing. If you choose a shared service package it is like having roommates in your home. First of all shared servers are much more affordable than dedicated servers but the problem appears when your ‘roommates’ eat up the server’s resources and have a negative impact on your site’s performance.

Dedicated servers save you from all these issues and can offer much more safety for your data but they are much more expensive so you will have to pay some extra cash for exclusivity. Virtual servers are somewhere between. They act like dedicated servers but you will still have to share the server with other domains.
So think it through before you give the money. Be extra careful when you meet the expression unlimited bandwidth” because in many case it is not really that. And another important aspect you have to consider is 24/7 phone service availability. It can be rather unpleasant to have your site broken down at 4 am and to have no one to call to fix it.

Hosting Services – What Are You Looking For?

When I first wanted a website I didn’t know too much about web hosting or any terms regarding this area. And as I was a newbie in this field I made a lot of mistakes and bad choices of course. If you are wise you probably want to be well informed before purchasing a web hosting package for developing a website, even if you are new in the web business. So here are a few tips on how to choose a good hosting service.

The best hosting providers usually offer the same basic packages but there is a considerable difference regarding a few key factors. You can decide which hosting service is the best for you relying on a few basic criteria.

Web hosting package

Most web host providers offer various hosting packages that vary in the level of service and price of course. All packages contain some basic components such as bandwidth, disk space and domains. Basic packages usually include fixed allotments but other more expensive packages include unlimited bandwidth, storage space and number of domains that you can host in your account. So it’s up to you which package you choose, considering the type of business you wish to develop.

The type of hosting package depends mostly on how many domains want to host. Smaller and cheaper hosting packages are usually enough for a simple website but if you have many sites or you want to host a professional site that is expected to grow in time you will probably need a solid, more expensive package.


It is very important to choose a web host that is easy to use especially if you have little experience in this domain. Choose a service that provides easy to use and intuitive interfaces that help you to easily manage your website.

Functional features

A good hosting service should provide a variety of features that make creating and maintaining your website easy. You should look for an easy-to-use control panel, supported applications that can be installed with one click and e-mail functionality with unlimited e-mail addresses available. The best web hosting services should also have advanced supplementary features that can be used by clients who have experience in programming languages and web design such as customizable error pages, a script library and custom cron jobs.

Telephone tech support

When it comes to website management and web hosting problems come up inevitably and frequently. So a tech support that is available day and night, any day of the week is essential and they should also provide comprehensive support that will help you get acquainted with their services.
All these being said, you might wonder how to get all this information and compare hosting services, to be able to choose the best. All you need to do is check out some reviews on the internet and there you go. I have even seen a few great comparisons between the best web hosting services that compare the packages and features available.

Top Web Hosting Services

You want to build the most amazing website in the world for your planned business but who is going to host it? That is the question most business owners ask themselves when planning to go online with their business. Only the best web hosting services will do for the best site, right? So how can you decide which web host to choose? There are a lot of web hosting services you can choose from and finding the right one can be a real challenge. These services provide a variety of packages offering all kinds of features from beginner-friendly to advanced.

Here are my top favorite hosting services based on the experience I’ve had during the years I’ve been building websites for my clients and some research I’ve done lately on prestigious websites like “FindMyHostingDeals” and others.

Just Host

Just Host is my tor favorite web host mostly because it is really easy to use by beginners and also has great features for advanced users. The hosting service provides great packages that have all the necessary stuff to build, publish and maintain a website. It is a great environment for businesses that want their site to expand because of an anticipated growth and for those who want to add more sites to their business. That is because Just Host provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains, the three essential keys for a growing business.

Just Host has great features for help support including 24 hours a day tech support through telephone, live chat and e-mail, a setup wizard for beginners, user forums and video tutorials. They also offer great tools for creating a new website and for adding new components. Shared SSL certificates and shopping carts are also available for e-commerce websites and the e-mail services host includes unlimited e-mail addresses, storage and Web mail.


iPage took the golden medal from “TopTenReviews” this year so I can’t leave them out of my top three ranking, right? And that is because they have the essentials in their offer: unlimited disk space, bandwidth and e-mail number, of course. iTunes also has a great interface that is really easy to navigate, so it is great for beginners and intermediate users. Beside the 24/7 tech support offered by phone, e-mail and chat they also offer detailed tutorials and an extended help center. An extra that iPage has is that they allow users to choose between three site builders.


HostGator has a great service that is rich in features and offers flexibility to users. They have the magic three of course: unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains and they offer three service packages that include the business package with unlimited number of users, private SSL and a dedicated IP address. HostGator also provide a wide range of features, including one-click install of popular apps, shopping carts for e-commerce websites, a site builder and many more. And help and support is also high quality, with phone, chat and e-mail technical support, plus tutorials and user forums.


If you are to build something serious online, make sure you make the right decision from the beginning. That includes getting the right domain, the right web hosting service and more. I cant help you much with domain name picking but these web hosting reviews may help you decide which host service suit your needs. Also, do participate in forum like Web Hosting Talk to get info about a host. Often time you may be able to obtain some timely discount coupon there.